LA Fashion Week!!!!!

Just got back from LA and Spring apparel collection for 2011 looks AMAZING!!!!!
It’s always fun to go to LA and see the fashion and celebrities in each corner you turn. We stayed at the Roosevelt in Hollywood and that was amazing as well! From the padded walls in the room to the cemented restroom the hotel screamed nothing but old Hollywood! After a long day of work in the fashion district we headed back to the hotel in desperate need of some rest and a cocktail! We headed to the pool to go over our Spring buy and low and behold the pool was closing in 1 hour! WHAT? We took a quick swim and decided to enjoy the rest of the hour we had by the pool, no work just play.  We then see Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Jason Acuna (Wee Man) pass by! We found it odd that they all happen to be staying at the same hotel. So we head back up to our rooms for a good nights rest………well that didn’t go so well! It happens to be that the premier of Jack Ass 3D was right across the street at the Chinese theatre and the after party was at the pool! Not much rest at all but the following day we got to see the collection from Milly, Alice & Olivia, and DVF……….(sigh). It was all about bright colors, sequins, and prints……OH MY! Check out a couple of our favorite pieces coming in for Spring!
Overall it was a great trip but there is still more to come for Spring!
Next stop……….. San Francisco 


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