Congrats to The RED King!

I came into work today and did my daily ritual……. I did a walk through to make sure I saw all of the new stuff that had come in since I had last been here. As for the new shoes that arrived I tried them all on and after that great bliss I grabbed my cup of coffee and read my daily magazines. I was mostly excited to see this weeks FN (Footwear News) since I knew they were announcing there achievement awards. We were voted 2007 FN Independent Retailer of the Year, and as it was a huge honor I look forward to this issue every year.  On the cover was of coarse “The Red King” voted as this years Person of the Year was CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN! I was very excited and not surprised as I think of him the man of the year for the past 8 years I have been here at Footcandy and his shoes have always been what I turn to when I am feeling happy or blue. In the article they talked about his huge success this past year which in the past 11 months he has opened 12 stores all over the world. After all his success he remains humble, like he said ” I do what i do because I love it. I’m not doing it to make money.” This touched my heart completely! I feel exactly the same way…….sigh……….

His mentor throughout his whole career has been Diane Von Furstenberg. She was the one who told him that he should always have classics in each collection. Which we would definitely agree as these styles is what drives our business and we all own a pair in about 3-4 colors. Here is one of our TOP SELLER that we currently have right now in the nude and “framboise” which in french means “raspberry” yummy!

So congratulations to the “man of the year” Mr. Louboutin! As Footwear News quoted Robert Burke, 
“Never has a red sole meant so much”
Here is a sneak peak at what came in for Cruise 2010! Be sure to go online at Footcandy to view our whole collection!








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