Spring 2011 Trends!!!!

Christmas is almost here and the New Year is soon to be here before you know it! I have been reading nothing but magazines and after reviewing our Spring buy I narrowed it down to some key looks for the upcoming season. Stay tuned this whole week as I will be revealing some key looks that are essential to your Srping wardrobe so you can start the New Year in style!

I’ll start with my favorite key look for this Spring :

60’s Silhouettes

Just like my previouse post summed it up……yes, it’s back again! The 60’s look was a huge hit last year and this year it’s in full swing! With 60’s ladylike silhouettes and full hem skirts that I’m really digging we have nothing but to dig into our closet. I’m sure somewhere you can find a cinched waist dress, pencil skirt or a full over the knee circle skirt that can come out to play this Spring. It may be similar silhouettes to last years season but this year you can add more color, pastels and prints, prints and more prints. Some fun accessories you can add to your 60’s look are kitten heels, cat eye sunglasses and you can never go wrong with socks. To update the 60’s look, try adding a leather jacket or a blazer and you are set! Here are some of my favorite looks for this coming Spring! Let me know your thoughts and what you have hiding in your closet that represents the 60’s?



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