The Kitten Heel is making a Come Back

The Kitten heel  is making a huge comeback for 2011. Made popular in the 1950’d and 1960’s but fashion is ever-changing and we all know what was in once, will be in yet again. This heel isn’t sky high and isn’t known for making the legs appear longer and it won’t add 4 inches to your silhouette, but it is girly, classic and let’s make the most of this trend. As spring and summer grow near, the kitten heel gives a chic alternative to the flat sandal.  This really is a heel for all seasons, but will evoke the femininity that a flat sandal may lack – don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our flats; but a sophisticated alternative is this year’s fashion trend. The working girl, glamour girl and fashionista will love this trend. Pair the kitten heel with your working wear, slacks and a vest or for a flirty look Pair the Kitten heel with a feminine Milly Dress.
Giabattista Valli
Stella McCartney

Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs

Stella McCartney

Incase you are not ready for a kitten heel just yet, try this Manolo Blahnik with a mid heel! Available at

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