Stylist of the Day : Ashleigh

Bio:        Hi Footcandy fans! I’m a self proclaimed Fashionista! I’m a California girl born and raised and enjoy spending my time shopping (of course) and my professional interest is in marketing.  I’ve worked in retail for several years in the fashiona and beauty industry. In my spare time I am blogging about my fashion finds and news in the Northern California area ( and reading my WWD and my guilty pleasure of watching TMZ.
Favorite Look I’m wearing:          The Biker Look. I’m obsessed with biker boots, tight jeans and leather jackets at the moment. I love the look because it’s flattering and edgy, not to mention comfortable but doesn’t look like I just threw something on.  My favorite pair of biker boots are the Jimmy Choo of course, and I love the Rich & Skinny moto pants. For leather I love Kenna T and I’m loving this look because I am able to bring out my vintage Ducati leather jacket.
My Shoes:                           I’m a big fan of Louboutin and the red Sole. I feel my sexiest in these heels and my motto is the taller the better. There is just something about the peep toe, I can never have too many.  When I’m not rockin’ my sky-high heels, I really love Tory Burch flats – they are so comfortable and dress up the “jeans and tee shirt look.”
Favorite Designer:            Chanel. Simple, Feminine and Classic. I think Blake Lively as an ambassador as assigned by Karl Lagerfeld is a match made in heaven.
Why I love Fashion:         As a woman I think there is nothing better than being confident and feeling sexy, and that is what fashion does for me. I love anticipating the new trends, updating my wardrobe and collecting pieces that make me feel amazing. I love the art behind the garment and the passion that designers put into each piece. I associate my good times with the fashion I wear doing it.. “I remember that time when I wore..” thats what it’s all about for me.
Style:                                     I think style is about not caring about what other people think and taking chances. Stepping outside of the box and wearing pieces that make a statement but don’t take away from your natural beauty. I love following the latest trends but wearing something Classic at the same time. I’m not big on being “matchy- matchy with color. ” I love mixing color, and I don’t see anything wrong with wearing hot pink pumps with a hunter or navy blouse… I say go for it.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Very cool! I agreee with not being mathcy-matchy And I love your White tee revamped!And I too love Blake Lively, so excited for this. Great post!Amber's Notebook

  2. Hauteline says:

    Thanks Amber for the feedback!

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