Stylist of the Day: Brenda

Bio: I’ve been with Footcandy for over 6 years now, graduated from FIDM and I do the buying with my partner in crime and owner of Footcandy Carolyn! I was born and raised in Napa Valley and currently reside in San Francisco! I get the best of both worlds, working in a small town and seeing all my friends and people I grew up with and living in a chaotic city like SF. I especially love it now as I am a newbie to the vegan world and SF is very vegan friendly. I admit I get sucked into the juicy reality TV shows and in my spare time I’m reading the latest about fashion to prep myself up for my buying trips. I’m also a closet Twilight fanatic.

Favorite look I’m wearing: The Military look was my fav for the Fall! Living in the city I live in my flat boots and leggings! They are easy to get around and for all the walking I do it tends to be my go-to outfit. BCBG leather jacket, David Lerner leggings, graphic tee, Sergio Rossi biker boots, Vince infinity scarf, Oliver Peoples wafer sunglasses and I’m off.

David Lerner leggings


BCBG leather jacket from Footcandy

BCBG graphic tee from Footcandy
Vince infiniti scarf coming soon to Footcandy
Oliver Peoples wafer sunglasses available @ Footcandy
Jimmy Choo Biker boot, more stock coming in February 2011!

My Shoes: If you looked at my closet you would probably say my favorite’s are Louboutin but I am LOVING everything from Brian Atwood. Although I have a fairly small selection of his shoes in my closet, after seeing his Spring and Fall collection I have a feeling that it won’t be so small by the end of the year. The “Chapman” and the “Power” are on my top wish list as of now. Another designer I am totally digging is Vince Camuto. I recently bought a pair of his knee high boots “Alician” and fell in love! I don’t normally go a day without taking Advil when I wear high heels, but with his heels I can actually go a day without no pain medicine! WOW! The price point is great, and when I go out I tend to beat my shoes up walking up so many dam hills, so if I’m going to beat some shoes up I rather it be Vince then Louboutin.

Vince Camuto “Alician” boot from Footcandy

DVF “Jameson” bootie, another shoe I can wear all day to work without meds

My current shoe wishlist:

“Chapman” from Brian Atwood
Purple “Power” from Brian Atwood
“Wheel” from Jimmy Choo, more stock coming in August and in pony leopard!
My Favorite Designer: Shoes would be Brian Atwood, Vince Camuto and Loeffler Randall. Bags I would have to say Jimmy Choo is my fav. I have a couple of his bags and they hold up very well being that I don’t take care of my stuff and that always tends to be my go to designer when I travel.  Right now I’m obsessed with my Blythe bag! I live in it! It’s great for travel and when I go to buying trip it’s perfect, I put my personals on one side of the bag and paperwork and laptop on the other. It holds up perfectly and I have beaten it up so much and it still looks like it’s in new condition. Citozens and DL would be my other favs, I live in my skinny avedons by Citizens of Humanity and my David Lerner leggings. We just got a HOT red pair of jeans that I am totally digging………..let me know what you all think?
Citizens of Humanity jeans in picante. LOVE!
Jimmy Choo “Blythe” bag from Footcandy!

Why I love fashion: Cause it’s so pretty to look at! I love seeing trends unfold and seeing everyone perspective on a trend. Living in SF you see so much fashion and what I would take as a trend and wear it a certain way someone else takes it and wears it another. I find that very fascinating and I love going on my buying trips and seeing what’s going to be the next big thing and weather people will get it.

Style: All over the place! I can’t pinpoint a certain style I have as my closet has it all but I will admit I tend to buy things for “in case I”……….I have an outfit for every occasion in the future. An outfit in case I ever move to New York and have brunch with my friends (3 outfits for this occasion), in case I ever have kids and have a baby shower, in case I ever go to the opera, and so on.


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