Edmundo Castillo – Elastolite Light Sandal

Technology is not only for the computer savvy or gadget friendly, but also for fashion enthusiasts. Edmundo Castillo is on the cutting edge with the innovative sandal the Elastolite. Check out the below article from www.edmundocastillo.com:

February 2011, New York – Internationally renowned footwear designer, Edmundo Castillo, and Oryon Technologies proudly debut the light sandal, a spectacular luminescent; the first of its kind.

Especially enthused by this era of fascinating new technologies, the award winning designer turned to the experts at Oryon Technologies; the scientists responsible for developing and patenting the technological breakthrough, ELastolite® (a three-dimensional, elastomeric, and membranous, 180° flexible electroluminescent lamp.) http://www.oryontech.com .

“I aim to bring footwear into the 21st century,” says Castillo. Pushing the boundaries, experimenting with new technologies and finding inspiration in the modern day woman’s life; Castillo insists on evolving with the times all while remaining true to his signature aesthetic. “Designing shouldn’t be about looking back. It’s about moving forward.”

Hitting stores February 2011, Castillo’s vision is now reality ($1,650).

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