Stylist of the day: Kathleen

Hello FABULOUS Footcandy Fans!! I am proud to say that I have been with Footcandy for just a little over 2 years and I fall more in LOVE with this company everyday! The stylists are nothing less than AMAZING here and I am flattered to be apart of such a fashion forward company. I grew up in small town out on the Russian River in Northern California and I always had a passion for fashion (as well as medicine). I went away to Long Beach State for college and it was hard for me to decide whether I should choose between medicine or fashion as a major. I choose to proceed in the direction of Medicine! I feel as though I am a spokeswoman for all of us SCIENCE INTELLECTUALS out there! WHO SAID YOU CAN’T HAVE BRAINS, BEAUTY & FASHION IN YOUR LIFE?! I am hopeful that I can bring fashion to medicine. Ideally I would love to establish a collection for fashion forward scrubs. Honestly I still want to look FABULOUS while taking care of my patients. Besides fashion and school, I enjoy spending time with my family, boyfriend, my kitty Bella, and my great friends. My guilty pleasure is watching E! News and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

My Favorite Look I’m Wearing:
I’m absolutely fixated with ‘Color’ and ‘Over-sized Sweaters and Tee’s’ and of course ‘Straight legged jeans!’ I think that every woman needs color in their life because it creates an underlying confidence to rock extraordinary colors! Now that our spring collection is arriving colors like navy, fuchsia and peach are predominant! My favorite outfit to piece together that takes me from lecture to a lunch date with my boyfriend would be Kate Spade jelly sandals, 360 Sweater, paired with a white Splendid top, and 7 straight leg jeans. I promise it’s nothing less than comfortable and fun!

My Shoes:
If you were to take a sneak peek into my closet you would find designers such as: Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, Footcandy, Kate Spade, Hunter and Manitobah Mukluks. Soon to be entering this closet Valentino, Brian Atwood and more Footcandy!! Since I’m always on the go between school and work I need shoes that can transition well and I find that Footcandy, Kate Spade, and Jimmy Choo are ideal for me and my fast paced life. Of course I have what I call, ‘DATE HEELS,’ this would be my nude Footcandy ‘Lover’ heels which my boyfriend absolutely loves because the color NUDE elongates my legs. If you are to take anything away with you from this blog it would be that, YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH THE COLOR NUDE!!

Favorite Designer:
It’s hard to only pick a few designers since fashion is ever evolving but I will say that I adore Valentino. Whether it’s a heel, a flat, a handbag, or a dress I feel that every collection that I see from this designer always stops me in my tracks. That’s why Valentino is next to be entering my closet! Also, I love Jimmy Choo I think that this designer just knows how to make a woman feel Sexy, Confident and Glamorous.

Why I love fashion:
To me fashion means feeling beautiful, confident, sexy, and comfortable in your own skin. Whatever heel or garment you piece together people are always creating new looks and I feel that fashion is a self expression. We should all embrace this creativity in our lives! Although, trends may change FABULOUS people do not therefore be open to new ideas and COLOR!!!

Everyone has a style so welcome it with open arms and open minds! And do not forget that style and fashion only accessorize the most important element…. YOU!!! Have fun with fashion and don’t forget that if you ever need help FOOTCANDY is only one phone call away and we would be ecstatic to help you create a look!! Have fun creating and becoming your own fashionista!!


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  1. Hauteline says:

    Great post Kathleen!

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