All Hale Red Lips!

             There are so many conflicting fashion trends this summer; bight colors contending with soft nudes, long dresses jousting with short shorts, femininity continuing its clash with masculinity, and the ever constant bickering between wide leg pants and skinny jeans, the ONE constant through out all of these trends this upcoming season is a Red Lip. Day or night, coral or more blue in tone red lips are the peace keepers of the fashion world

Gwyneth in Classic Red


Kate with perfect Red daytime lips

Gwen the undeniable Queen of the Red lip

Megan Fox and some ruby red lips

Christina knows how to Rock the red lipstick like none other

The Most Beautiful Woman alive: J-Lopez is sexy in Red

Like mother, like Daughter; Demi and Rumor

Gossip Girls’ Blake Lively with Vogue Red lips. Lively is also a cover girl for Chanel.

Another Gossip Girl Star, Leighton Meester, rocking a classy look with captivating red lipstick.

America’s sweetheart in red.


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