Must have bracelet from CHAN LUU!!!!!

So there is a trend that I keep seeing and didn’t quite understand it till now! What is the big deal with these wrap around bracelets that I keep seeing. They are everywhere!!! Chan Luu is the original maker of these wrap around bracelets and they are simply leather with gold or silver nuggets inside. They come in millions of colors and retail around $175. I finally got the guts to fork up the cash and bought one myself………….and now I know! They are definitely worth the money and you can layers them with everything, also they have a lifetime warranty so if it ever get damaged they will replace it for you. So now that I’m obsessed with these bracelets I then fell in love with there scarfs too! So with that said we are bringing them in the store!!!!! Check out some celeb pics of the bracelets and there oh so soft scarfs!

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