Fight for the right for RED!

We all LOVE our red soles, and what’s not to love it’s Louboutin’s trademark, right?
I recently read an article on Louboutins signature red sole being copied by other fashion houses. It began in April with Carmen Steffens who came out with a style flaunting a red sole (see below) and the lawsuit ensued. The Carmen Steffens fashion house claims that they have had multiple colors of soles throughout the years and red was only one of them.

In May a lawsuit against YSL claims that they also copied his signature red soles and YSL fought back that they indeed have used a crimson sole in the past and that red soles date back to the 1600’s when King Louis XIV ruled.


Christian Louboutin recently found out that Dior has similar plans. A private investigator hired by Louboutin, stumbled upon Dior’s alleged plans when a sales clerk at the latter’s 57th Street store in NYC dished that the brand was “planning to make red-soled shoes with matching uppers for the next season.”
Not on Louboutin’s watch!
Louboutin is hoping that the courts will prevent copycats from adopting crimson heels, claiming it violates his trademark.
What are your thoughts???


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  1. Diana says:

    Louboutin definitely needs a lawsuit to protect their trademark. EVERYONE knows upon seeing the red sole that it’s a Louboutin. If the other houses prevails, than what’s to stop Steve Madden, Payless, Jessica Simpson or other more moderately priced shoes to do the same? This will then make the red sole less valuable.

    When it comes a trademark look, the fight is on. Ask Disney. Ask McDonalds, etc…

    I totally back Louboutin on this one. Good luck! Mine are depending on this. 😀

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