It’s a keeper!

I was cleaning out my shoe closet the other day and noticed  how hesitant I was to throwing out some shoes that I have had for years. I discussed this with the girls at the store and we decided that there are just some shoes you can’t throw away. Which ones are those……..the classics. Or as Jimmy Choo would say the 24/7. So which are these shoes? Well, going back in time we wanted to show you some of the classics that we think are keepers. These are my top five classics and not only are they timeless but they may still be available. Such as the very-prive Louboutin that has now become a staple. Take a look at our “classics” and if there is a classic that we missed, please feel free to comment!


Christian Louboutin "Very Prive" This is my all time favorite. I think I own this in like 8 colors, we currently have it in the nude and black at Footcandy right now!
Manolo Blahnik "Campari" this is a Sex & the City classic and a must for work! I take this with me to NY every year when I go do the buying.
Jimmy Choo "Ramona" this has been around for ages and it's still a great seller, we currently have it in brown moc croc...yummy!

Valentino rose bag, this screams Valentino and I love the crossbody strap that it comes with. Perfect for travel!
Tory Burch "Reva" this is a must flat! Comes in a variety of colors and perfect for work or running errands.

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