Jewelry Trend: The “cuff”

Bigger is always better and this season you can clearly see it! Early this year in New York I was at the Alexander Berman showroom and I couldn’t help but see a twinkle in the corner of my eye. One of the lovely girls that works there had an amazing cuff and when I asked her where she got it from she said “here.” I immediately had to get one, or maybe two, or three………. but only because they came in different colors. We just got them in at the store and they are flying out!!!! The cuffs are 18kt gold and also come in a rose gold, and a gunmetal silver. We also have the rings which are just as amazing and they also come in all colors. The french designer Aurelie Bidermann first majored in art history and moved to New York to begin her career. After a couple of years she decided to go back to school and proceed her studies in stones, she then took off to travel for a little inspiration. Finding that inspiration in India, she then began her creations and has been creating ever since. Her jewelry is not only unique and exquisite but you can see the detail and the quality.




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