Why, Hello Fall…

The rainy weather on Sunday was a gentle reminder from Miss Mother Nature herself, that our Fall season is indeed here and there is more rain in our future!  So why not make a splash in your closet with a pair of Hunter Wellies!


Founded 1856 in Scottland by Henry Lee Norris,  the rainboot that we know so well is now considered by millions a fashion commodity. But, was once produced for soldiers in World War I and WWII.  Hunter Boot, now a household name has a wide range of products.  From welly boots that are functional and fashionable, to a beautiful leather collection.  Oh and did I mention great handbags too! 

 Hunter remains the preferred welly brand for those who like to work hard and play hard – there’s a great range of boots to suit welly wearers all over the world – from the Royal Family to festival-goers, working farmers and landed gentry alike.  Which welly suits you?!


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  1. Mirage says:

    This is like so awesome…Thank you very much for the updates.

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