Did you know………….

Fashion has been with us in one form or another since the beginning of time and has mirrored what society wants to portray at a particular time. Here are some fun and interesting facts about fashion that you may have not known:

  • Everyone has seen buttons on sleeves of jackets but few people know that it was Napoleon Bonaparte who introduced this idea so that soldiers didn’t mop their running noses using their sleeves.
  • Up to the 19th century there were no models and designers had to use little dolls to demonstrate their creations to customers.
  • Modern woman can’t live without jewelry.  But it was men who started wearing jewelry in the first place to demonstrate their social status.
  • Hand-made items are considered very fashionable and valuable now because these are absolutely exclusive.  But up to 1850 70% of people used to make clothing for themselves.  Fashion was not important, comfort was what mattered.
  • In the 15th century pregnancy was so fashionable that girls who weren’t “expecting” would put small pillows under their clothing to create the illusion of a baby-pump.
  • Today natural busy eyebrows are in Vogue, but during the Renaissance period fashionistas used to shave their brows off.  A good example of the trend is the Mona Lisa picture.

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