Lions, Tigers and Bears… On Shoes?!

Christian Louboutin is known for taking fashion risks and standing out in the crowd.  But strutting a lion’s paw on the red carpet?!  Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker say, YES PLEASE!

Blake Lively was seen recently on the streets of NYC sporting these wild heels.  But that should come as no surprise since Lively is close friends with many fashion designers including Louboutin and is usually one step ahead on the trends.

Blake isn’t the first one to wear the “Lion’s Paw”.  Sarah Jessica Parker wore the fury heels to the Moscow premiere of, “We Don’t Know How She Does It” in August.

The extraordinary pump is called the “Alex”, but more popularly know as the “Lion Paw Pumps”.  The core of the shoes is a classic Louboutin pump with his signature red sole, but the toe of the shoe is described as “being split into four protruding segments” with a black jewelled talon on each section and the stiletto heel is also clad in yellow crystals.  To snag a pair of your own you will have to hand over around 5k for these striking heels!

What do you think… does Louboutin have a future in taxidermy?  Or better yet… did Lively and Parker nail this trend or did they make a total fashion “faux-paws”? (pun intended)


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