Guiseppe Zanotti: Zodiac Collection for SS12

The SS12 collection posed a new challenge for Giuseppe Zanotti, and this time round it was the world of astrology that caught the Italian designer’s eye. The result was an outstanding limited edition collection designed specially as a unique and very personal gift for Zanotti admirers and connoisseurs.

“I have always adored any type of application or jewel on a woman’s foot. Decorating her feet is my way of celebrating a woman’s beauty and also of expressing my emotions season after season” the designer stated. “I have touched on this theme briefly before, for example with the stone and crystal-embellished fish, birds and insects that have all starred in my creations over the years. But the fact that women today are turning more and more to astrology, some for fun and some more seriously, convinced me that it was time to finally take up this new challenge.”

The zodiac is a ubiquitous presence. The sheer linearity of the ultraflat high-gloss copper sandals says it all: stripped to the pure and simple elegance of its tubular T-bar design, the upper forms the body of this minimalist sandal. The appliqué astral symbols are simple and chic. Rose gold and kaleidoscopic crystals feature on these 12 mini Made in Italy masterpieces.

The Zodiac Collection is a series of truly unique, original sandals that make a personal statement whenever: by day with jeans and a t-shirt or by night to add a quirky touch to a dress.

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