Bed Head Pajamas!

The holidays are approaching and what better gift to give, or indulge in, than these adorable and irresistibly comfortable PJ’s! 

  Owner Renee Claire had a vision for a line of pajamas that stood out from the rest, embodying sophistication and fine tailoring. Though, her sense of color and great taste is not where her passion ends. Renee is committed to quality wages for quality work. Since 2006 Bed Head has been donating 20% of each PJ purchase to Esperanza, an organization dedicated to providing a higher quality of community housing.

 We have fallen in love and right into bed with Bed Head’s Pajamas. With so many unique styles to choose from it’s easy to find the perfect set that fits your preference. Dream of paris in the fun and pretty Eiffel Tower style, or rest luxuriously in the sassy Leopard print.

Don’t miss out on these one of a kind designer pajamas available at Footcandy St. Helena and Sonoma!



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