Felix Rey: Love the brand, dig the story

Founders Lily Rafii and Sulaika Zarrouk

Glamour Girl. If you love sophistication and ultra-feminine luxury then this is the brand for you. Co-founders Lily Rafii and Sulaika Zarrouk have created an incredible line of clutches, make-up bags, ipad/ computer cases, fun umbrellas and much much more.

Portrait of Dr. Felix Rey from Vincent Van Gogh

So, who is Felix Rey? A Doctor! It was Doctor Felix Rey who tended to Vincent Van Gogh after he cut off a portion of his ear and was admitted to an asylum. The two men befriended each other and Van Gogh painted a portrait of the doctor in lieu of payment for his services. Felix Rey, meaning “Happy King”, is a pseudonym Lily and Sulaika chose to personify their brand after seeing this inspirational portrait.

Check out our latest from Felix Rey!

Smart Pants Laptop case
Smarty pants IPad case
Leopard make up case
Lips coin purse
Lips coin purse
Let the Sun Shine umbrella

Dot umbrella
As seen on More magazine
Multi dot umbrella

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