Take A Bow….

Trend Alert!!!! Bows have always been a fun and cute way to accessorize your hair but bows in 2012 have a whole new meaning. They are fabulous, sexy, and undeniably feminine! From the runway to shoes to bracelets to dresses, bows are the new craze and Footcandy is happy to give some great style tips to our fabulous fans. To get this trend right, make sure your bow is big, front and center. Show it off like it should be! When wearing this type of trend make sure you emphasis the bow by making it your only focal point. Thus, choose your bow wisely and place it where you want to draw attention: shoulders, feet, waist for a big impact, chest or add a simple bow accessory for a subtle look. For an overall glam effect, we recommend using bold or contrasting colors like black and cream!

Have fun creating bow outfits!!!

Chanel Bow Runway
Valentino - CWS00827
Bows with a Splash of Color!
Valentino - CWB00056The placement of your bow can create fabulous different looks! Experiment!!
Valentino - CWS00552
Footcandy - Alexandra
Bows, Bows and More Bows!!

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