Pack ‘N Play with Rebecca Minkoff

If you’re trying to find your next fabulous travel bag, perfect summer beach bag, or spring semester college tote, Rebecca Minkoff has the hottest travel trends for every glamour gal this season. From rocker chic studs to fabulous zip fringes, Minkoff’s designs radiate urbane sophistication. With her eye-catching yet transitional handbags, cross-bodies, hobos and more this designer has created a fashion phenomenon that every other designer is trying to emulate. Style icons such as Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Keira Knightley and Ashley Greene have been spotted with multiple Minkoff designs. Rebecca Minkoff is practical yet fabulous and is driven to make a style for every type of woman. Footcandy couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to some of her latest pieces for Spring 2012 available NOW at

What’s your favorite style from Minkoff?

Rebecca Minkoff Designs - Rebecca Minkoff - 10TBSCS22 - Rebecca Minkoff - 10HESNPRE1
Handbags incorporated into outfits - Rebecca Minkoff - 10XBSKCS22 - Rebecca Minkoff - 10TESICS12
Celebs with Minkoff designs - Rebecca Minkoff - 10IBTZCS22

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