Splish Splash in Hunter Boots!!

With all the rain we have been experiencing lately it’s finally time to put on those fabulous Hunter Boots of ours! If you’re the type of glamour gal that likes to work hard and play hard then these legendary Hunter boots are perfect for you! With orthopedic and cushioned foot bed combined with the nylon lining and traditional rubber you will feel comfortable and look fabulous at the same time. In addition, welly socks are available at all Footcandy locations and they can create different looks for every day that it pours!!

Having trouble figuring out what outfits to pair with your Hunter boots?

Just look to the stars below to see how they style themselves in their Hunters.

Have fun playing in the puddles!!!!

Footcandyshoes.com - Hunter - Original-Gloss - $125
Hilary Duff in Hunter Boots
Leona Lewis pairs a dress with her Hunter Boots!
Kate Moss in Hunter Boots!
Dakota Fanning pairs her Hunter Boots with jeans and a leather jacket!
Footcandyshoes.com - Hunter - Short-gloss - $115

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