Trace the Trend: Cat Eye Sunglasses!!!!

From the 1950s to 2012 this iconic trend is returning once again!!!! If you are looking for a new shape to rock, then why not try out this retro cat-eye trend? Some favorite celebs like Rihanna, Kelly Osborne, and Hilary Duff have been recently spotted with these fabulous cat-eye sunglasses. This season, many designers have created their own version of the trend and we must admit it’s glamorous! If you love the extreme cat-eye look turn to Tom Ford or if you like the subtle cat-eye look Dior and Gucci are the designers for you!! What are you waiting for?! Check out Footcandy St. Helena or Sonoma locations to find your perfect cat-eye sunglasses from Tom Ford, Gucci, Dior and Kate Spade!

Cat-eye trend not for you…. Don’t worry we’re sure you can find something at our St. Helena or Sonoma locations! Right now these locations have…………..


Happy Sunglass Hunting!!

Marilyn Monroe loved the Cat-eye look in 1955!
Cat-eye Sunglasses hit the Runway for Spring 2012!

Salma Hayek
Chrsitine Ricci
Kristen Stewart
Scarlet Johansson


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