It’s a Wedge kind of World!

From wild look-at-me hues to metallics to patterned graphics, wedges are the must have shoes for the 2012 spring and summer seasons! So don’t worry glamour girl your perfect wedge is out there!!! Christian Louboutin, Kate Spade, Valentino, Footcandy, and many more fabulous designers have multiple wedges in their collection that suit just about every trend…. ….so what are you waiting for?!

 Check out to find your latest wedge craze. Happy Wedge Hunting!!!!!

Don’t know what to pair with wedges? Here’s a Footcandy Stylist Tip: Keep it simple. Pair them with cropped jeans, shorts, or a maxi dress.

Elizabeth Banks in the Jimmy Choo Biel

Same wedge worn 3 ways!
Color Blocking Trend: Kate Spade - Lindsay
Bow Trend: Valentino - CWS00827
Nautical Trend: Bettye Muller - Etoile
Splash of Orange Trend: Jimmy Choo - Biel
Metallic Trend: Footcandy - Cabo coming in April 2012
Patterned Graphics Trend: Christian Louboutin - Everesta

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