Celebrate Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary with Footcandy!!

Help us celebrate Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary!! In honor of this monumental achievement Louboutin’s Spring 2012 collection is bold, fun, and of course glamorous! From glitter to patent leather this collection is spectacular and has a style for every woman. So if you love your wedges or if you’re a sandals type of gal then check out Louboutin’s latest styles at Footcandyshoes.com or call any three of our stores today!

We promise you will instantly fall in love with this collection like we all did!!!

The fabulous Christian Louboutin!
Trotolita - $695
footcandyshoes.com - Summerissima - $995
footcandyshoes.com - Vaudoo - $695
Au-palace - $1895
Corneille - $695
footcandyshoes.com - Exagona-160 - $1,095
1121004 - $1195


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