Can’t find Emma Hope? Footcandy Carries Her!!!

One of the world’s most influential designers, Emma Hope, has just arrived at Footcandy!!! This is a monumental moment for Footcandy since select stores across the United States carry her label and we just so happen to be one of them!! Emma Hope is a British shoe designer that strictly basis her company out of London. With her unique designs she has been revolutionary in the fashion world. Her collections are fanciful shoes that are also practical and comfortable to wear and most importantly she has created a style for just about every woman out there!

This spring Emma Hope has brought color, sparkle, suede, texture, and metallics into her designs. Her designs this sunny season provide clean and simply lines that are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. Check out or call any three of our locations to see what Emma Hope styles we have in stock!

Emma Hope! – 11047-R – $495 – 11105-N – $525 – 12022 – $435
Emma Hope’s fabulous main store in London! – 12015 – $375 – 12075 – $530

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