Footcandy’s Newest Obsession: Rag & Bone

Since 2002, Rag & Bone’s philosophy has always been to create pieces that men and women would love to wear every day. The importance of quality, innovation, and attention to detail is reflected in each authentic piece. With no formal fashion training David Neville and Marcus Wainwright have transformed their label into a modern relevance while creating a timeless feel for both men and woman.

Today, celebrities across the globe are just as obsessed as Footcandy when it comes to this label. Jessica Biel, Julia Stiles, Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes and many more celebs can be seen photographed in Rag & Bone. But today the newest shoe craze is by Rag & Bone entitled the “Newbury.”

Visit or call any three of our store locations to see what Rag & Bone styles we have in stock today, including the “Newbury” in black and brown!! – Classic-Newbury – $495.00
Jessica Biel wearing the Classic-Newbury – Anders – $650.00
Rag & Bone designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright – Newbury-Stripe – $475.00
Julia Stiles hits the Red Carpet in Rag & Bone’s Classic-Newbury!


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