Embrace an Elegant look with Kate Spade!!!

Kate Spade’s newest collection has just arrived at Footcandy and we are obsessed with her fresh summer styling! From her shoes to her iPhone cases Kate Spade has created a line that embodies sophistication and high fashion. But most importantly this glitzy yet glamorous line is transitional and will take you from day to evening. Check out footcandyshoes.com or call any three of our store locations to see what Kate Spade items we have left!!!

Be Elegant, Be Glam, Be Amazing!!! Happy Kate Spade Hunting!!!

footcandyshoes.com – Lisa – $328.00
Kate Spade – PSRU0672 – $40.00
footcandyshoes.com – Lori – $328.00
footcandyshoes.com – PXRU3790 – $278.00
footcandyshoes.com – Kimmy – $298.00
footcandyshoes.com – PXRU3677 – $378.00
footcandyshoes.com – Lynn – $328.00
Kate Spade – PSRU0488 – $40.00
footcandyshoes.com – Emma – $250.00

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