Celebrities Are Obsessed With……

Rag & Bone’s “Classic-Newbury”

Not only are these fabulous ankle boots ready-to-wear but they are a fashion must-have this Fall 2012 season!! Visit footcandyshoes.com or call any three of our store locations to get this Celebrity Look Today!

Sienna Miller looks stunning in the “Classic-Newbury!”
footcandyshoes.com – Rag & Bone – “Classic-Newbury”
High Fashion Super Model and New Mother Miranda Kerr Loves Rag & Bone’s “Classic-Newbury”
footcandyshoes.com – Rag & Bone – “Classic-Newbury” – Angle #2
On the go actress Rachel Bilson loves her “Classic-Newbury” boots!
footcandyshoes.com – Rag & Bone – “Classic-Newbury” – Angle #3
Mommy to be Hilary Duff loves her Rag & Bone “Classic-Newbury” boots because they are comfortable!!

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