Something old, Something new… Behold! Footcandy has the Perfect Shoe!!

Brides across the world will surely be dreaming about wearing the perfect heel on their wedding day. Whether you want to sparkle, make a bold statement with blue, or simply keep it neutral when walking down the aisle, Footcandy has YOUR perfect heel!

Here are a few tips when choosing the right shoes for your wedding:

1. Venues Matter: If you’re having an evening wedding at a glamorous hotel then stick with a strappy evening sandal when the doors open to your aisle. But if you’re wedding is outside on cobblestone or grass steer away from stiletto pumps and stick with a chucky heel if not wedge.

2.  Choosing Fabrics for Your Bridal Shoes: You want to make sure the dress material and shoes don’t clash… Satin shoes work great with shiny fabrics, lace shoes go well with a lace gown and patent leather shoes go well with any type of fabric.

3. Styles that will complement your dress: Fancy, bold hues, and intricate designs are perfect for a simple dress, while simple close toe pumps work with elaborate gowns.

4. Details and Embellishments: If you do choose heels and a gown with embellishments make sure that they coordinate! If you have rhinestones, glitter, or crystals on your shoes they will pair well with a shiny, sequined or bedazzled gown; whereas, beaded shoes will work well with a pearled gown.

Visit or call any three of our store locations to see what bridal shoes we currently have in stock!

“Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and fairytale love, but also SHOES!” ~Christian Louboutin – Jimmy Choo – Ivette – Christian Louboutin – Corneille – Charlotte Olympia – Priscilla – Manolo Blahnik  –  Hangisi-11 – Christian Louboutin – Decollete – Kate Spade – Lynn – Manolo Blahnik – Dallifac – Christian Louboutin – Back2-85

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