Footcandy Welcomes the Return of Rupert Sanderson!!

Rupert Sanderson is back and everyone at Footcandy couldn’t be more thrilled!! Sanderson is known for his ‘less is more’ designs and his ability to make symmetrical and balanced shoes that flatter and lengthen a woman’s leg.  His muse comes from the materials and his goal is to create one of a kind shoes that are made from the finest leathers and fabrics. Rather than over embellishing you will find that Sanderson crafts shoes that are functional yet glamorous. His desire is to make every woman feel sexy and we must say Rupert Sanderson completely captures this objective in every one of his hand crafted Italian designs!

Visit or call any three of our store locations to see what we currently have in stock from Rupert Sanderson! – Rupert Sanderson – Favell – Rupert Sanderson – Vermont
Meet Rupert Sanderson – Rupert Sanderson – Baxter – Rupert Sanderson – Lux


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