Coordinating Your Shoes with Your Nails

Color-blocking, polka-dots, oxblood, metallics, black and white contrast, are just a few of the fabulous trends we are seeing this fall. Since most fashionistas seem to be on a budget these days the best technique to incorporate these glamorous trends into your next outfit is with your nails!! By integrating these trends into your nails you’ll find that this will without a doubt help accessorize your shoes! And who doesn’t want your shoes to pop?! From the red-carpet to magazines to your everyday gal, coordinating your shoes with your nails is all the rage… So the next time you go to the nail salon make sure you integrate these fabulous fall trends into your nails! This collaboration between your shoes and nails is truly a match made in heaven!!

Fun fact: Did you know that celebrity Kelly Osbourne had a $250,000 Black Diamond Manicure to match her shoes and handbag for the 2012 Emmy’s?

Color-blocking or rather toe-blocking!
Color-block your nails with this Bettye Muller “Plage” design. Available at
Gretchen Rossi does Polka-dot toe nails and makes her Christian Louboutin’s pop!!
The “Keir” by Jerome Rousseau is the perfect neutral for the polka-dot nail trend!! Visit to view the “Keir.” Available in multiple colors.
Black and White Contrast another nail trend that is trending!!
The “Riveiera” ankle boot by Rousseau is perfect for black and white contrasting nails! Available at
Hilary Swank does Metallic Nails!!
This style by Giuseppe Zanotti would look perfect with metallic toe-nail polish! Visit to view this shoe!
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton does Oxblood nails!
The “Gio” by Jimmy Choo is the perfect open-toe ankle boot to show off your oxblood nails! Visit to view this bootie!

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