Five Reasons why High Heels are a Good Investment

Lets face it ladies, most of us have a love/hate relationship with high heel shoes. While some are resistant to high heels because they feel they cannot walk in them, others are worried about the pain that certain designs bring. The trick, find a designer that fits your unique foot, while making sure that the textiles the designer uses is only of the best quality. The quality of the material truly will make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfort.

If you are still reluctant about the idea of wearing high heels, Footcandy has complied five reasons why high heels are a good investment.


1. High Heels Allows You to: Radiate Confidence

No matter how tall you are, when one puts on high heels it becomes all about confidence! If you’re a tall woman and are worried about being even taller or a short woman worried about not being tall enough, remember it’s about radiating confidence, being chic and most importantly finding a style that allows you emanate poise. Confidence is without a doubt the ideal accessory any woman can have. So, the perfect designer that will help any woman find inner confidence is Kate Spade. Not only will one fall in love with Kate Spade’s feminine yet timeless designs but the self-assurance that will emit from your step in her designs will make everyone turn heads.  -  Kate Spade  -  Licorice-13 – Kate Spade – Licorice-13

2. High Heels Allow You to: Stand Up Straight

If you are hesitant to learn how to walk in high heels, always remember that while you have added height with the heel, if you don’t put your shoulders back but rather slouch, you will waste every ounce of poise and beauty the shoe is looking to add. Keeping proper posture not only will add to the splendor of the heel but it will give you balance, assertion, conviction but most importantly it will help with the alignment of ones spine. Consequently, if you are a woman that tends to slouch too much, throw on a strappy pair of high heels by Rupert Sanderson, not only will they be the perfect solution to fixing your posture problem but perhaps the best part will be that you will look absolutely fabulous doing so!  -  Rupert Sanderson  -  Ivory – Rupert Sanderson – Ivory

3. High Heels Allow You to: Feel/Look Sexy

When one puts on a pair of fabulous high heels not only can it make one feel sexier but they can as well make one look sexier. Since high heels transform the body by making our calf muscles more prominent, aiding in ones posture, pushing the rear as well as the chest out, it is evident that high heels generally just make a woman’s figure far more attractive. Designer, Jimmy Choo is one of those incredible designers that never seizes to fail at making a woman feel/ look sexy. So if you’re looking for a fabulous pair of shoes to make you feel or look sexier then Jimmy Choo is the designer for you!  -  Jimmy Choo  -  Maurice – Jimmy Choo – Maurice

4. High Heels Allow You to: Command Authority

            When a woman puts on high heels not only does her body physically transform but her mannerism change as well. Wearing the correct high heel will without a doubt allow you to command authority in a workplace. So if you’re a professional woman combine a professional suit with an appropriate office high heel, usually a neutral color pump rounded or pointed toe and not only will you have an authoritative appearance but you will epitomize authority. Your colleagues and/or subordinates will definitely view you as a serious professional woman. Giuseppe Zanotti is a designer that not only makes fabulous high heels that are comfortable but his designs are perfect for any woman looking to command authority in a tough meeting!  -  Giuseppe Zanotti  -  I26058 – Giuseppe Zanotti – I26058

5. High Heels Allow You to: Create a Complete Look

            Whether you’re wearing jeans with a t-shirt, a suit, a wrap dress or a skirt with a blouse, high heels can make an outfit. High heels add a feminine touch to any ensemble and will make any ordinary outfit transform into a fabulous look. What woman don’t realize is that a pop of color, a pattern, a brilliant metallic or a patent glossy heel can revolutionize any ensemble. So, instead of grabbing those worn out sneakers throw on a pair of comfortable pumps by Stuart Weitzman. Not only will this designer make feel fabulous while transforming your ordinary outfit into a complete look but Weitzman is one of the most comfy designers out there. He uses only the best quality textiles therefore making your feet content. So if you’re looking to modernize any outfit make sure that you look at Stuart Weitzman’s collection first, he will not disappoint!  -  Stuart Weitzman  -  Capsize – Stuart Weitzman – Capsize

To purchase these high-quality investment high heels or to find more of your own, be sure to visit



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