Tips on Finding Quality High Heels

A high heel can transform any outfit however, finding the right quality high heel that will add a little extra touch to your outfit and confidence may be hard to find. It is important to remember that all high heels are not created equal. In reality, there are enormous differences in quality from one designer to the next. Here are some of Footcandy’s tips on learning how to spot quality high heels.

anatomy heel c FTLOF stamp

1. Inspect the heel.

            High quality high heel shoes generally have leather heels and will have a rubber or nylon top piece located at the very bottom of the heel. A leather heel aids in the overall structural design of the shoe and will make you feel secure when walking in them. Typically, high quality designers will expose the leather or they might put a thin layer of material over it. Unlike high quality heels a cheap heel will be made of plastic.  When you walk in the plastic heels they will feel structurally unstable. If you do spot a shoe that has a plastic heel avoid it at all costs because it will not last you more than a season.

LORI-13!SPA-14543  –  Kate Spade  –  Lori-13

*Note: The leather heel with top piece*

2. Materials Matter.

One must realize high quality materials are going to be more expensive but they will last you a lifetime rather than a season. Good quality materials are generally purchased and assembled in Europe. So the next time you go shopping and see a European high heel made from leather, suede, patent leather or fur and it is expensive, the materials are of good quality. To make sure the quality remains we do recommend that you spray a protectant on them. Each protectant spray depends on the specific material used on the shoe so make sure you know what material the shoe is made of. By spraying the heel it will ensure that your material will endure time and various weather terrains.

VERO!CHO-14371  –  Jimmy Choo  –  Vero 

*Note: Jimmy Choo is a European Designer*

3. Examine the Shoe’s Interior.

Pay attention to the insole lining of a high heel. Typically, a shoe of high quality is made with leather rather than a synthetic material and it will go all the way around the inside of the heel and insole and will stop at the counter of the heel. If the heel simply has lining on the sides or bottom of the insole then it is not of high quality nor will it feel comfortable after wearing them for a duration of time. Additionally, it is important to note that leather absorbs moisture which consequently allows ones foot to breathe. Synthetic materials like vinyl will leave your feet feeling clammy and will cause you to slip out of your shoe after wearing them for a while.

AVA!OLY-13353  –  Charlotte Olympia  –  Ava  

*Note: The insole and inner lining is entirely covered in leather and stops at the counter of the heel*

4. Inspect Buckles and Adornments.

            Examine any adornment like crystals, buckles, tassels, etc. on a heel. A quality high heel will be securely attached, is reinforced with double stitching and the stitching will not be visible to the naked eye. Also, one should make sure that the stitching is smooth and tight. If the shoe is not double stitched it will be loose and the likelihood of it enduring even a season is highly unlikely.

TROPEZIA!ODR-14229  –  Oscar De La Renta  –  Tropezia  

*Note: The white, gold and pink gems are not loose, therefore it has double stitching. Also the stitching is not visible to the naked eye*

5. Analyze how the sole is attached

            Typically a high quality sole is made of leather or rubber. Depending on what material is used the sole is either glued or stitched. If the sole is stitched on make certain that the stitches are secure and not uneven. If the sole is glued on make sure that there is no excess glue on other materials surrounding the sole. Usually heels that are of high quality will not have glue visible to the naked eye.

PRANCING!STU-14268  –  Stuart Weitzman  –  Prancing  

*Note: The rubber sole is stitched securely and is even*

We hope these tips help you find your next pair of high quality high heels!

To purchase these high quality high heel styles, or find more of your own, be sure to visit


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