3 Shoe Styles that Must Be In Every Closet

The perfect pair of shoes can make a world of a difference when finalizing your look. Its been said that no matter what one’s wardrobe is worth, if one pairs high quality shoes with an outfit, the entirety of every other piece will look high quality as well. With that said, if the clothes fit and one’s makeup and hair is done properly then the shoes can amplify the look and completely take it to the next level.

Having said that, here are Footcandy’s Top 3 Shoe Styles that every woman should have in their closet in order to pull together any look regardless of the occasion.

1. Flats (nude, print, black or brightly colored)

Flats are very versatile for any lifestyle. From work to errands to travel to the weekend, investing in a few high quality pairs of flats will get you through an array of life events and activities. A few designers that will always provide comfort and quality and of course high fashion designs are Emma Hope Shoes, Jimmy Choo, and Rebecca Minkoff. These three incredible designers have an assortment of multicolored prints, textiles, and cuts throughout their collection. And it is important to note that any woman of any age can find a style that is perfect for her in one of these three collections.







2. Wedges (espadrille, platform, tweed or patent leather)

A wedge is essential because it has the capability to be paired with an assortment of outfits. From capris to shorts to a peplum dress, the wedge adds height while giving you security to walk, dance and even run from one child’s activity to the next. It is a stable shoe because women can dress them up (e.g. an outdoor wedding) or casually dress them down (e.g. girls’ luncheon). Which ever way one chooses to wear them, a few designers that always provide high quality wedges every season are Oscar De La Renta, Footcandy, and Kate Spade. Each one of these designers has versatile textiles, colors, and heights in their collection of wedges.







3. Trendy Pump (strappy, open toe, closed toe, textured, or bright)

Every woman should own at least one statement making pump. A trendy pump exudes a sexy, strong, and empowered persona so make sure that the pump you chose makes you feel confident with every step you take. Remember this pump should be a statement piece that is intended to make a lasting impression (e.g. a party) so the sky is the limit with these shoes. But do keep in mind that you want to compliment your wardrobe so make sure that you know what wardrobe pieces you want to enhance. Some fabulous designers that always create rare fashion forward pumps are Giuseppe Zanotti, Jerome Rousseau, and Stuart Weitzman. Each one of these talented designers craft one of kind pumps every season that will guarantee a statement making impact.







We hope that these 3 must have shoe styles make it into your closet!

To purchase these high quality shoe styles, or to find more of your own, be sure to visit http://www.footcandyshoes.com

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