A.N.D. Denim


We just got a new denim brand in store called A New Denim or A.N.D. for short. The are designed by Sean Barron, the brainds behind the contemporary brand Aiko. A.N.D. is a new brand that is making the jeans you want to live in not a trendy pair that will only last you one season. And that was exactly Sean’s goal, to not make trendy printed jeans, or jeans that are really more legging than denim. Teaming up with a Japanese denim supplier, the raw denim in the jeans is treated in a way that is quite unique. The ‘wear’ and finishes on the denim are created through heat and not water like most all other brands do. Maybe its the heat, maybe its the cut, who knows. But these jeans are so soft and insanely flattering, a customer todays bought them because she swore it took 10 pounds off her. Come in to the St Helena store and try on a pair for yourself! They are going so fast and we’ve only had them a week!


images via google

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