ImageImageWe keep getting more and more fall clothing each week, many of them being great jackets and coats to wear. The ones that keep catching my eye are the Smythe jackets. They always seem to fit impeccably and have that classic but modern appeal.

Smythe is a Canadian fashion brand by Andrea Lenczner, a former buyer for Holt Renfrew and Christie Smythe, a former designer for the Gap. Long time friends, they decided to make the jackets that they always wished they saw in store but could never find.

At first they were solely focused on the craft of making perfect jackets. Venturing out into the fashion world selling only jackets was definitely a risk. But it paid off, now being a favorite brand of Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway and Rachel McAdams.

My favorite piece is the big chubby coat in the photo above. If that’s not a statement coat, then what is? You could be wearing the simplest outfit but when you throw on a coat like that you’d have a stand-out outfit.

Come by our store at 1239 Main Street in St Helena and try on one for yourself! Trust me, you will love them too.


images via Smythe website


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