Sunglasses aren’t just for summer.

Our sunglasses display is practically bursting at the seems now. Tons of different style and hues. From the blackest black Saint Laurent Buddy Holly style glasses to ultra feminine light pink Alexander McQueen glassses. Their aren’t two alike. Saint Laurent is a new brand for us to carry, and all the ones we have got in are pure luxury. They fit perfectly and have that chic french appeal. Always perfectly on trend without ever looking trendy. 

We will also be getting in Celine sunglasses soon. And if the ad campaign with Daria Werbowy is any prediction to how they will look, only greatness can be expected. Even though the sun is going to be out as much, sunglasses are still a must have. They have gone from a simple way to protect your eyes, to a necessary fashion accessory. That 80’s song ‘sunglasses at night’ was a hit for a reason right? Sunglasses always give you that mysterious cool factor. Now while we aren’t promoting you to wear them at night, because that always looks like a bit much, they are perfect to wear in the day time all year long.

Here are some shots of Celine and Saint Laurent Sunglasses! Come in to our St Helena store on Main street and try on a pair, it’s always my favorite part of the day. I just want them all!!! 🙂



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