Emma Hope

Emma Hope is one of our beloved designers in the store. She is not too well known in the states, more popular in England, where she designs all of her shoes. She is inspired by beautiful vintage pieces she finds at flea markets, working those old techniques into every collection. All of the shoes are hand crafted in small, family owned factories in Tuscany made by specialists in the finest hand crafted shoes. The heels are never too high and every customer who tries them on always remarks on their comfort. Having won numerous style and design awards, this special and unique designer is a true honor for us to carry in the store. Always with the right amount of sparkle, it is becoming just the season to buy a pair; perfect for all the upcoming holiday events. So stop by our St Helena or Sonoma locations to try on a pair! Your bound to find one for your party dress.

Hope - 13628 3 Hope - 13635 3 (1) Hope - 5705 3 Hope - 12254 3 Hope - 12576 3 Hope - 13029 3 Hope - 13609 (1)


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