It’s daring and divine, are you ready for a Footcandy favorite?

Working in a designer shoe and clothing store in a touristy town like Sonoma and Saint Helena, we get asked the same questions time and time again. The top five questions/exclamations we hear the most have to be the following:

5. Where do you like to wine taste?

4. Wow! I can’t believe women walk in these!

3. Are these comfortable?

2. Do you have a bathroom?

But the number one exclamation that we hear everyday, to no end, will forever be:




I think all the Footcandy ladies can vouch, the Taxi shoe has to be the most talked about shoe in our store. A heel that brings a chuckle to even the most bored husband waiting for his wife. Here in Sonoma, I have the Taxi shoe in my window and I have people from all over the world asking me all types of questions about it. This shoe not only makes the legs look long and lean, but it’s a conversation starter. A statement shoe at its finest, you don’t have to live in New York to get a taste of the big apple; you can wear New York on your feet! The Taxi shoe is an ice breaker, and that’s my secret to selling the shoe. If you wear a simple outfit such as black skinny jeans, a plain black tshirt, and the taxi shoe; instantly you are the object of attention and affection! Only the brave can truly pull off the Taxi shoe. Are you bold enough?


Ladies, maybe this is your time to shine in that business meeting that everyone takes way too seriously, or what about that lunch with your girlfriends next week you forgot about? You know your friends, co-workers, strangers, and even the delicious man you’ve been eyeing will ask you where you got those shoes. The Taxi shoe, will get you there in a flash–and in style.

Available at Footcandy Saint Helena (707) 963-2040, Footcandy Sonoma (707) 938-3876 and online at


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