Get ready for your new denim obsession, coming soon to a Footcandy near you..

Here at Footcandy, we won’t lie: we’re always on top of the latest styles and brands. We can’t help it, we have an addiction to designers that not only have the best quality, but also recognition for their talent. But sometimes, we like to bring in names that you may not know about..yet. We choose only to bring in brands that we feel confident about not only us wearing, but you too. So now ladies, I introduce you to our latest line that we’re fawning over: FRAME denim.

Let’s not lie to ourselves: we all want to be Miranda Kerr. Alright, at least I do. You cannot deny how gorgeous she is. FRAME is not only flattering for all shapes and sizes, but it has quality that we’re crazy about. Plus, it is made in the USA, Los Angeles to be exact! If Miranda can be this hot in FRAME skinnies and an oversized blazer, ring me up for both please.


As seen here on Christina Aguilera, she chose FRAME denim to wear to the Stand Up To Cancer event. I personally adore the way the pants hug her curves and create such a flattering silhouette. Christina is also shown in Christian Louboutin, one of her personal favorites..and ours too. Lucky for you, we carry both!


Khole Kardashian also chose FRAME denim for this all white look. The rips add personality to this already vivacious girl! Khole is quite a bit taller than Christina’s petite stature, yet both jeans look incredible on the starlets!


If you’re looking to fill your FRAME addiction, our Spring/Summer line is coming soon to both Footcandy Sonoma and Footcandy Saint Helena. If you just can’t wait, our Saint Helena location has just a few pairs left! Call us to look and feel like royalty.

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