Say “I Do” To Your Wedding Heels


When thinking of your wedding, your day to say yes- the day you can finally surrender to the man of your dreams, it gets a bit stressful to be sure. Your wedding date is important, eloping or larger crowds, it is all romance.

We all have that picture perfect wedding in mind.  You have the dress, or the dress in mind, you need the shoe to complete it. The wedding dress and the shoe must be a match made in heaven.

Mamma Mia taught us a mother knows best when it comes to these things.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding taught us that Windex…No, scratch that, it revealed to us the true beauty (sometimes in the horrors!) of a close-knit family.

The Royal Wedding reminds us that its okay to indulge, heck, make it an international event! Why not!


Now it’s time to combine all advice we have gained from these beloved cliche wedding scenes. You need a dress to be sure, you need to be a treasured timeless piece. You’ve got a cake, you must have a topper. You’ve got the dress, well and where are your shoes? They are the topper, and most overlooked “to-do” item by all planners, brides, and bride-zillas alike. Rest easy now, Footcandy will take over from here.  We call them stunning heels, you just might find your sole mate.


Silver shimmer with PVC lining this heel is more than enough to sweep him off his feet. Monique Lhullier designer of this heel is a woman of many talents, and also can create the dress for your big day.

We have never been so inspired by a heel! This design by Jimmy Choo was dreamt of by the lines of nature. Embrace all poetic imagination and make your feet simply ethereal in this JIMMY CHOO Kaci heel!

You have no need to worry about silver and gold meshing with Christian Louboutin Marinere. Be the bold beauty in these wonderful red bottoms.

Last but certainly in no manner is this the least of the heels is the Rupert Sanderson Nada. A sparkling charm will transform you magically as the fairy godmothers did in Cinderella, while looking as fab as Cinderella on her first night out! Sparkly, loveable, danceable.


You’re excited for your wedding. We’re excited for you! Now it is time to dance your heels off and rejoice. At Footcandy Shoes, you can relax when hunting for the wedding shoes. We’ve got it to be sure, and we love what we do. Which is make you feel the best you can on the most important days.  You are a great woman who has accomplished things that not many can say they did, you deserve a once in a lifetime shoe.

The girls will take care of you, only at FootcandyShoes.Com and in store!

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