Designer Spotlight: Pam + Gela


Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor have another trick up their sleeves! Co-designers for Juicy Couture have stepped beyond with short-lived Skaist Taylor, Pam + Gela has made up for any past entanglements. Pam + Gela reaches a broad audience and demonstrates authenticity with creative energy bursting at the seams. Footcandy is proud to start carrying Pam + Gela.


The leather panelled sweatpants as pictured above are in our collection! They are simply original, lightweight and just plain fun for the Pre-Fall season. Oops I must spill: You might be seeing a simply gorgeous Real Housewife of Beverley Hills strutting these around! We helped her of course.

Speaking of which, Pam + Gela has already gained a celebrity repoirtoire. Ranging from Kendall Jenner to Jessica Alba- they are loving it as much as we do!

Vanessa Hudgens in Pam + Gela Dress
Julianne Hough in Pam + Gela flippy shorts


Mindy Kaling in Pam + Gela graphic tee

Here’s a sampling of what we are carrying:



These are a diverse set of looks perfect for your Summer and Pre-Fall preparation wardrobe. They are simply elegant with the tinge of fashionable quirky. Snag your fix of Pam + Gela today, at our flagship store located in the Napa Valley! Provided by the one and only Footcandy Shoes boutique.


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