We are most excited to welcome designer Barbara Bui to our collection. Barbara Bui is a sensation to bloggers, celebrities, fashionistas, and tasteful women.  The French born designer is known for her designs encapsulating elegance with a rock and roll persuasion, making her a cinch for the wardrobe of the modern woman.

Footcandy has received Barbara Bui’s Air Bag for the holiday season, as well as several styles of her shoes. The Air Bag is essential for travel, albeit light or airplane, in addition to a hot street style look.



3abd8adc33119119090d4b913151799bCelebrities love Barbara Bui’s Handbags!

Diane Kruger leaving the Benjamin hair salon in West Hollywood

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Keep an eye on our website for additional styles of Barbara Bui!

FootcandyShoes.Com  Where you can rely on a provision of class and edge, keeping you both trendy and ladylike with the hottest designers and styles offered.


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