Fall 2016: Give Clogs a Chance with Swedish Hasbeens

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Our new Swedish Hasbeens styles are FUN FUN FUN! 

The classic “Clog” has made a comeback and is taking the fashion world by storm!

Brands like Proenza Schouler, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Gucci have all embraced the trend and fashionistas all over the world are loving it!



Clogs originate in Sweden , and since Footcandy provides THE BEST shoe collection possible for our customers, we get our clogs from Swedish Hasbeens! 

Footcandy has many Swedish Hasbeens styles available, all moderately priced around $250.00

Here are our new Fall Styles !


swedish hasbeen lacy



swedish gasbeen suzanne


Here are a couple Swedish Hasbeens styles worn by celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Dunst, and Naomi Watts

celebs shsjp sh blacksjp sh blog

The Classic Louise style is also available at Footcandy both in store and online !  buy it here

swedish hasbeen louise yellow

Krillan , click here to buy

krillan swedish hasbeen

Swedish Husband, click here to buy

krillan sweddish hasbeen




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