Stuart Weitzman, how do you do it?!

20 Feb

Oh Stuart, how do you make such incredible designs that not only I’m obsessed with, but my customers too?! I hear people raving about Weitzman’s shoes, stating quotes like: 

“His shoes fit my feet so well!”

“It’s like slipping on a glove, his shoes are made to feel good.”

“I love everything he does! Fashionable, affordable, and comfortable.”

Let’s not lie, women do love their comfort. Most customer’s will try on an extravagant shoe, feel that it may be a tad dissatisfying for their foot, and then simply give up. Either that or beeline to the Ugg slippers. But honestly, not every brand of shoe will be comfortable for every customer! Everybody is different, and that includes your feet! You just have to find your match. I hear all sorts of comments about how some brands work for some, and not others. However, I have not heard one customer, young or old or in between, mention while trying Stuart Weitzman that they were uncomfortable. In fact, people tell me that they wish all of their shoes were as pleasant to walk in. Not only are they fantastic to walk in, but they’re even better to look at. Hello, Footcandy! Ahem, I mean eye candy of course..

In stores now we have the PEARLESCENT, a fantastic sandal-slipper-gorgeous-piece-of-shoe-art available for you. I’m slightly obsessed and can’t wait to wear these with long and light flare jeans for Spring. Finally the sun is shining and our toes can come out of our boots! After a pedicure of course, not that you need another reason to treat yourself. I know I don’t!


Also in stores now is another sparkly number (who doesn’t love a bit of shine?!) called VELOCITY. These shoes are so comfortable that I can wear them all day while helping my customers, and my feet don’t hurt in the slightest! It’s the gift of platforms. This shoe I plan to wear with fun dresses and black ankle crop skinny jeans, I can’t wait to show off these bad boys to my friends! 



Here we have the OUTING, which is just where I will be wearing it; on a special day or night out! These sandals are fantastic for dancing in, with a bit of edge and sex appeal to boot. These caged shoes with a turquoise dress dancing the night away during wedding season, you’re bound to stand out. But don’t worry, we won’t tell the bride.



Stay tuned for more of our favorites coming in for Spring 2014! We will update you on our latest from Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, Rupert Sanderson, Kate Spade, and more. I know, I’m excited too! Fashion never sleeps, and we are getting new shipments almost daily of shoes and clothes by your favorite designers. Stay tuned fellow shoe lovers!

Get ready for your new denim obsession, coming soon to a Footcandy near you..

11 Feb

Here at Footcandy, we won’t lie: we’re always on top of the latest styles and brands. We can’t help it, we have an addiction to designers that not only have the best quality, but also recognition for their talent. But sometimes, we like to bring in names that you may not know about..yet. We choose only to bring in brands that we feel confident about not only us wearing, but you too. So now ladies, I introduce you to our latest line that we’re fawning over: FRAME denim.

Let’s not lie to ourselves: we all want to be Miranda Kerr. Alright, at least I do. You cannot deny how gorgeous she is. FRAME is not only flattering for all shapes and sizes, but it has quality that we’re crazy about. Plus, it is made in the USA, Los Angeles to be exact! If Miranda can be this hot in FRAME skinnies and an oversized blazer, ring me up for both please.


As seen here on Christina Aguilera, she chose FRAME denim to wear to the Stand Up To Cancer event. I personally adore the way the pants hug her curves and create such a flattering silhouette. Christina is also shown in Christian Louboutin, one of her personal favorites..and ours too. Lucky for you, we carry both!


Khole Kardashian also chose FRAME denim for this all white look. The rips add personality to this already vivacious girl! Khole is quite a bit taller than Christina’s petite stature, yet both jeans look incredible on the starlets!


If you’re looking to fill your FRAME addiction, our Spring/Summer line is coming soon to both Footcandy Sonoma and Footcandy Saint Helena. If you just can’t wait, our Saint Helena location has just a few pairs left! Call us to look and feel like royalty.

It’s daring and divine, are you ready for a Footcandy favorite?

10 Feb

Working in a designer shoe and clothing store in a touristy town like Sonoma and Saint Helena, we get asked the same questions time and time again. The top five questions/exclamations we hear the most have to be the following:

5. Where do you like to wine taste?

4. Wow! I can’t believe women walk in these!

3. Are these comfortable?

2. Do you have a bathroom?

But the number one exclamation that we hear everyday, to no end, will forever be:




I think all the Footcandy ladies can vouch, the Taxi shoe has to be the most talked about shoe in our store. A heel that brings a chuckle to even the most bored husband waiting for his wife. Here in Sonoma, I have the Taxi shoe in my window and I have people from all over the world asking me all types of questions about it. This shoe not only makes the legs look long and lean, but it’s a conversation starter. A statement shoe at its finest, you don’t have to live in New York to get a taste of the big apple; you can wear New York on your feet! The Taxi shoe is an ice breaker, and that’s my secret to selling the shoe. If you wear a simple outfit such as black skinny jeans, a plain black tshirt, and the taxi shoe; instantly you are the object of attention and affection! Only the brave can truly pull off the Taxi shoe. Are you bold enough?


Ladies, maybe this is your time to shine in that business meeting that everyone takes way too seriously, or what about that lunch with your girlfriends next week you forgot about? You know your friends, co-workers, strangers, and even the delicious man you’ve been eyeing will ask you where you got those shoes. The Taxi shoe, will get you there in a flash–and in style.

Available at Footcandy Saint Helena (707) 963-2040, Footcandy Sonoma (707) 938-3876 and online at

It’s Legendary, it’s Superb, It’s…

8 Feb

Louboutins. We all know about them, and if you don’t, we’re sure you’ve at least heard the term “red bottoms”. Iconic, legendary if you will, Christian Louboutins are a favorite of celebrities and our customer’s. With designs that make a woman stand out, and sex appeal that makes men drool, every woman needs to own at least one pair…or a few.

Christian Louboutin’s sky high heels are so dramatic and sophisticated, it’s no wonder that celebrities favor them over any other brand. There are even songs written about Louboutin’s, by notable artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Jay-Z, and many more. Some people don’t know about Louboutin’s, but when they see someone wearing Christian’s shoes, they want to know where they got such a work of art. Ladies, look no further because we have the latest styles to make you look like the stunning woman we all know you are.

First we have to show you one of our latest styles, the CALAMIJANE. Such a gorgeous bootie, and the fact that it can be worn in any season makes it even more desirable! Gentlemen, if you’re in the doghouse with your lady, Louboutins may just be your way out…



Up next, we must share with you the AIR CHANCE. As seen on Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence, this shoe is the perfect amount of joy on your day off, or professionalism during your work week. We are obsessed with navy, and what goes best with navy? A blush tone to capture our hearts..and yours.



We are so lucky to work in a boutique full of the best shoes in the world. Every shipment that comes in is like opening presents from the footwear god’s..and at Footcandy, we are BLESSED! Come share the love of shoes with us, you know you want to.


Bailey 44 & Emma Hope Go to Work at Footcandy SO!

4 Feb

Today in our Sonoma store, I met a wonderful woman named Elizabeth. She came in with her daughter, and their adorable (and sock loving) puppy named Bootsy. Elizabeth was looking for a dress to wear to an upcoming event that her mother was being honored at, and I knew just the look for her: the Bailey 44 ‘Bloody Mary’ dress. Black, below the knee in length, and tan lace sleeves with a peek- a-boo lace back; the perfect amount of class and edge all in one. When Elizabeth came out of the fitting room, her daughter and I couldn’t help but gasp at how incredibly the dress graced her curves and hid all of her stress zones. It was the perfect fit.



Her daughter and I agreed that we need to finish the look off with a shoe not too high, but chic enough to pull the look together. We walked around the store to discuss options, and clearly it wasn’t a tough battle for Emma Hope to win. Elizabeth gravitated to a pair with black velvet and a buckle on the front. Her daughter couldn’t agree with her choice more, it was a sensational match!



This is one of the many reasons why working in retail is rewarding, my customer’s are everything.These are the people that keep us going, the women who keep me coming to work every day. To talk and laugh with Elizabeth while trying on immaculate clothes and shoes made by the best designers around, it’s like dress up for adults. It’s fulfilling for not only me, but for the women who can enjoy their experience and get something out of being here besides the shoes. They get to feel like the queen they truly are. And that’s something that money cannot buy. 



Stuart Weitzman Wins Our Heart…Again!

2 Feb


Clearly our newest arrival is a favorite of many celebrities! The Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ is a classic and simple (yet gorgeous!) shoe that will have everyone wondering where you got your pair. Look no further, we have this style available in all of our Footcandy stores! Whether you’re near or far, we can ship to you. And if your order is over $100, the shipping will be on us.

As shown, Olivia Wilde and Lucy Hale paired the ‘Nudist’ with evening dresses. But at Footcandy, we believe that these shoes are so versatile, they will go with almost everything! Pair it with some distressed boyfriend jeans, or with a black waxed skinny jean (we carry those too!) The options are endless when it comes to the ‘Nudist’!

Come visit us in Saint Helena (707) 963-2040 or in Sonoma (707) 938-3876 to try on Stuart Weitzman’s latest and greatest design before they’re gone!

Warehouse Finds…Mothballs not included.

21 Jan

We all have a shoe that got away. A shoe that, yes you can admit it, that you were absolutely enamored with. Something held you back however, and your toes missed their perfect match. Perhaps you can find it once again with us! We recently discovered shoes that went unnoticed in our warehouse, yet, are very worthy of attention. These shoes bear the high ranking of certain designers such as Pollini, Jimmy Choo, Jerome Rousseau originating from past seasons with a sale of 60 percent off of retail price (You may now be asking yourself if this is real life, we can confirm this is very real).  These styles can be made fresh once again, pair it fabulously.

Here is just a peek at what we found!



 Bb- Pap



Hurry now to for your bargain steal, without the guilt!


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